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Really listen & A good conversation

Sometimes you just get stuck at work or in the private situation. Then it is nice to use our opportunity to have a good conversation. Without following an entire coaching process immediately. You’ll get tips and advice that allows you to continue with your (active) life.

Common topics:

  • Problems at work
  • Working conditions
  • Career problems
  • Organization developments.
  • Over tension due to high working pressure or poor conditions.
  • Stress and Burn out
  • Relational problems
  • Personality disorder
  • HSP (high sensitive) and HSS
  • Narcism
  • Depression
  • Serious diseases
  • Divorce
  • Roughing

Real listening is important.

We all are different. Everyone is born with a unique composition of genes. Then there’s the influences of the environment in which you grow up, the upbringing, experiences with friends and colleagues. But also diseases, life damage with associated solutions, your lifestyle and the air you breathe. By really listening, you can get to the heart of the problem and the consequences for you. You want respect, recognition of your “invisible" disease, understanding your situation without judgement, without solutions and without stigma’s.
If you are stuck in your life, it is important to be supported from your situation. Without guilt, ever having to defend it, collect and built an invisible wall around them to escape from the lack of understanding.


Then it's about expectations you have from a social worker or family and friends. But above all, the expectations of society toward you. Too often, that expectation is unrealistic and you cannot (yet) deal with it. Here too, the specter of a quick judgment and associated solutions looms.

A good conversation

This is largely a feeling of being understood, because you are being listened to. And then, with our support, take steps toward a new balance when it comes to the pillars of work, private and personality. Because that's where the road to happiness begins, so you can look forward with confidence to your future.

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Stress prevention

Every human being knows moments of too much stress, so you don't know how to proceed. Some extra help in understanding causes and consequences is very pleasant. Just like the tips and advice to be able to continue in life and work.  We offer support and guidance in controlling stress after an life- event such as divorce, dismissal, family problems, death, home or work relationship problems.

WHat is stress?

To function properly, a person needs stress. In order to experience this in a healthy way, relaxation must also take place opposite the situation of exertion. Disturbance of this balance will eventually lead to overstrain, chronic stress and possibly also a Burnout.

More about the symptoms of stress and causes and consequences can be read on our special page.

Burn out recovery

A Burn out is the result of long-term functioning with a lot of stress without sufficient relaxation. The situation of overtension sometimes lasts years, while the symptoms of Burn out reveal themselves more and more.  By denying the causes of chronic stress, people work unnoticed toward a burn out. 

Learn more about the causes and consequences of a Burn out on the special page.

Personal approach

A powerful recovery program based on the Futura Esperanza method. With our experience and knowledge, it is possible to recover effectively from a burn out in short term. All or part of the work will be resumed within three months.

Care Points

In the recovery program, attention is paid to:

  • The causes and consequences of the burn out;
  • The working process, the working situation and the working atmosphere;
  • Career: Choice and development;
  • Attention to the energy balance;
  • Conscious and unconscious thinking processes;
  • New views;
  • The ‘Benefits’ of a Burn out.


Working on “real" solutions under inspiring guidance. In addition to understanding the situation, we offer the right inspiration and structures towards solutions. Gaining insight will restore confidence in the future.

CFO or Manager

As an manager or a leader in a large organization, you sometimes need to reflect and advise on important decisions. There are many questions on your daily base. About liability in the event of illness or about the costs of a burn out. As an employer, what can I do about Stress prevention? How do I motivate my employees in the company or team? We advise you as a coach or use our network of specialists.

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Call +31-75-7200 888 for more information about stress and Burn out

Career coaching

We can assist you in the next step of your career, but also in the development in your current job.  Sometimes things don't go nice (anymore) in the work, with colleagues or managers. Maybe you think about another job or are forced to find another job (outplacement).


Through our collaboration with a large number of specialists in the field of coaching and training, it’s  almost always possible to find a suitable solution for your question.

The cost

For our efforts we charge an amount of € 85,-- per hour.

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We are a member of the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches, because we value quality. In addition, we endorse the NOBCO Code of Ethics and comply with the complaints regulations. This offers extra security for you as a customer..